A1. Bast is an ancient goddess of war who was one of the most well-known goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon. Bast took the form of a lioness goddess and was known for her wrathful vengeance. Now she is back to help you take vengeance in gaming!

A2. Bast is a platform whereby gamers can find celebrities or popular gamers to play against. Celebrities/popular gamers enter the time slots that they are willing to play and gamers can purchase a time slot.

A3. You need to create a profile, you need to enter your personal details including a GamerTag and an email address. You must also accept the Terms and Conditions of using Bast.

A4. The celebrity/popular gamer enters his or her available time slots and sets a fee for each slot. Once a gamer requests to play the celebrity in a certain slot, the celebrity will be notified. The celebrity may or may not choose to accept the request. The user will be notified by email once the celebrity accepts or does not accept. Celebrities may receive multiple requests so please be aware that you may not be successful every time.

A5. To register as a celebrity/gamer, click Talent Login” on the home page and then sign up as a new user. In order to verify your identity, a Skype or video call will be arranged with someone from the Bast team before your account is approved. You will not be able to access your account until it has been approved.

A6. Once the game has been accepted and the fee paid, the celebrity will send the gamer an invite to play before the allotted time slot. The gamer must be online to accept the game or the game will be cancelled and the user may not be refunded.

A7. Users do not currently have permission to stream or use content from the game. We are working on a provision to allow this to occur in the future.

A8. Please email support@bast.gg for any questions or queries.